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The gem of love and happy dreams, a talisman for transformation and change, the magical, mystical opal flickers, flashes and hypnotises us all with its myriad colours.

Opals are Australia’s National Gemstone, and ninety-five percent of the world’s opals are from the remote Outback. The “Fire of the Desert” has deep spiritual value and powers for its indigenous people, and is connected to their Dreamtime ancestors.

In the Aboriginal legend, the creator came to earth on a rainbow to bring a message of peace to man, and at the place where his feet touched the ground, the rainbow caused the stones to start sparkling. And so the opal was born.

The play of light or “schiller” that we see in opals, comes from light diffracting from compact tiny silica spheres into the seven colours of the rainbow.

The Dreamtime Collection features Lightening Ridge Boulder Opal, which is found as coatings on sandstone. Beautiful, fascinating and ultimately personal as no two opals are the same.

Visit the Tayma Fine Jewellery showroom or the website, to discover these gorgeous gemstones featured in one of a kind, handmade, beautiful jewellery.

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